#Gamilaraay Lingo Lesson : Family

I would like to start by paying my respect to Elders past, present and future from all areas.


Again I am not an expert, but am on a learning journey and would like to share with anyone who shares my interest.

This weeks lesson is on Dhiyaan or Family. The words covered this week were;


  • Mother – Gunii pronounced ‘Guun – e’
  • Father – Bubaa pronounced ‘Bu – Baa’
  • Daughter – Miyay pronounced ‘Me – yay’
  • Son – Birray pronounced ‘Beer – ay’
  • Baby – Gaaynggal pronounced ‘Gwon – gal’
  • Younger Sister – Bagaan pronounced ‘ba – gan’
  • Older Sister – Baawaa pronounced ‘Baa – Waa’
  • Younger Brother – Galumaay pronounced ‘Gal – u – my’
  • Older Brother – Dhaya pronounced ‘Dye – a’
  • Aunt (Mother’s Sister) – Gunidjar pronounced ‘Guun – e  jar’
  • Aunt (Father’s Sister) – Giluu pronounced ‘Gi – loo’
  • Uncle (Mother’s Brother) – Garruu pronounced ‘Gar – wuu’
  • Uncle (Father’s Brother) – Yugin pronounced ‘You – gine’
  • Nephew – Gunubingaa pronounced ‘Guu – nu – bing – ar’
  • Niece – Gunugayngaa pronounced ‘Guu – nu – gyne – ar’
  • Cousin – Dhagaan pronounced ‘Tha – gaan’
  • Grandfather (Mother’s Father) – Dhaadhaa pronounced ‘Daa – daa’
  • Grandfather (Father’s Father) – Dhilaagaa pronounced ‘Th – laa – gar’
  • Grandmother (Mother’s Mother) – Badhii pronounced ‘Ba – dee’
  • Grandmother (Father’s Mother) – Mamaay pronounced ‘Ma – my’
  • Husband – Guliirr pronounced ‘Gool – ear’
  • Wife – Guliir pronounced ‘Gool – ear’
  • Family Land – Ngurrambaa pronounced ‘Nu – ram – baa’

It is important to note that in traditional families the aunts and uncles were considered to be additional parents. They were involved in the nurturing and the punishment of their nieces and nephews. This was done so that the relationship between the child and their parents was never strained and that they would always receive and give unconditional love to and from their parents.


Thank you everyone for participating and taking the  time to read and contribute to this blog and the #Gamilaraay Lingo lessons on twitter each week.

Next weeks topic will be ‘Around the camp/home’

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