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#Gamilaraay Lingo Lesson 1

Yaamagara, welcome to the #Gamilaraay Lingo Lessons blog for the 1st lesson from the 28th May 2013. Each week after the lesson on Twitter I will be blogging the lesson.

I want to start by saying that I am not and do not claim to be an expert. I am doing these lessons and blog to increase my knowledge and to share my learning journey with whoever is interested enough to come along with me. I also would like to point out that what I share is what I have learnt and been taught, this may at times differ to what others have been taught and I respect that.

Lesson one The Basics.

The Gamilaraay nation is one of the largest nations in Eastern Australia. The nation stretched from north of Goondiwindi south to Murrundi, west from Coonabarabran to east of Inverell.

Gamilaraay was not a written language, this has lead to many variations of words including the name. There are many variations, but the 4 most common (that I have come across) are Gamilaraay, Gomeroi, Gamilaroi and Kamilaroi. Some people do not particularly like the spelling with a “K” as there is no “K” sound in the language.

The words learnt were;

  • “Gamilaraay”  – is based on the words “Gamil” and “Araay” which mean “No” and “Having” respectively. Many nations were known by the word they used for ‘no’ as this was a word that differed across most nations.
  • “Hello” – “Yaamagara” pronounced “Yar – ma – gar -a”
  • “Goodbye” – As far as I am aware there is no word for “Goodbye”, as “goodbye” is seen as a final act, unless the person is passing there always a chance that you will see them again.
  • “Yes” – “Yaama” pronounced “Yar – ma”. Yaama is also used to indicate that a question requires a yes or no answer.
  • “No” – “Gamil” pronounced “Ga – mil”

Each week we will look at a different theme. The theme for next week is Animals.

I hope all who participated and those who have taken the time to read this have enjoyed themselves and learnt something.